I have had the most amazing week!

My dear friend Celestine Chua was visiting from Singapore to speak at a Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) Marketing Conference scheduled for the auspicious day of 11/11/11.

After several coaching sessions with Celes during a transformative period in my life, a blogging course, and a meditation challenge on her blog, it was great to finally meet her in person! She’s been a HUGE part of getting my own web site, blog, and coaching practice started. It was a blast to have her stay with me and to show her the best of Philadelphia (only wish we had more time!)

Celes runs a blog where she’s currently doing a FREE journaling challenge. Everyone take a look! 🙂

==> http://www.personalexcellence.co/ <==

But that wasn’t all.

Five days after 11/11/11, I spoke at Shannondell retirement community to present my ebook Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools.

I was invited to speak by another dear friend, Linsey Cheshire, and met so many amazing people.  It was my first time presenting the information from my book and I LOVED it!!!

These experiences were so amazing for me, that I couldn’t help but notice that they occurred right around 11/11/11–a number usually associated with transformation at a fundamental level.

I’ve never personally experienced any synchronicities around this number before, but I am fascinated by the stories of how this number can appear in very mysterious clusters.

Here are a few facts about the 11 Archetype:

  • Carl Jung (who made up the word “synchronicity”) believed number clusters in general are an archetype of order which has become conscious


  • 11 is one of the most common numbers to occur in a synchronicity cluster


  • World War II ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month


  • The Mayan calendar ends at 11:11 universal time in 2012 and the U.S. Navy lists the 2012 solstice for 12/21/12 at 11:11 universal time

There are many explanations of what the 11 Archetype means, but most of them are vague such as: heightened awareness, being on the right path, illumination, and a shift in consciousness. What is clear, however, is that all of these things describe transformation.

I’m not really big on astrology, but while I was researching 11/11/11, I found that the full moon has been in Taurus–pretty auspicious for me, since that’s my sign and I have had a great week!

But I’m sure I’m not the only one…

Leave a comment and share with me your 11/11/11 transformation experience!

P. S.  Also, there have been a lot of changes to my web site–let me know what you think. Do you like it better now or the way it was before?

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