In this video, I’m taking a mini-break in Cape May, New Jersey– it’s a beautiful seaside town full of Victorian architecture, good food, and it feels like a fantasy.

I’m talking about the importance of surrender here, and why this is so important in life– but especially when you travel and take a vacation!  For instance, I headed out to Cape May without even having a hotel room booked (there were no vacancies when I called ahead).

But I trusted that things would work out as they have so many times on similar vacations before. And yes, after several attempts my friend Kim and I finally landed a gorgeous suite overlooking the water (and believe me, this took some persistance–I’m so glad we didn’t give up too soon!)

This trip also reminded me of last year’s trip as cyclical events often do… I remembered how I had been struggling with seeing a situation clearly last year. Being “away” from the situation allowed it to simmer in the background for me, and I was able to “daydream” a solution just by relaxing and having some distance.

I realized that this process of relaxing and getting distance can be intentionally used to solve problems or see situations more clearly, much like dreamwork.  So I’m calling this process “vacation work” here and I definitely used it again this year! 🙂

If you haven’t gotten away yet this summer for a mini-break, I encourage you to do *something* even if it’s very low key. If you’ve been working non-stop, just remember that you can still “accomplish” something while being on vacation. It *does* help you see things more clearly in life and in work projects.

To give you an idea of how magical and fantasy-like Cape May is, here are some pictures

Victorian Houses

Cape May Sunset

Cape May Balcony

Me in Cape May

Leave a comment and share where you will be doing your “vacation work” this summer and any insights you’ve gained.

Much love!