I’m happy to offer you a free Discovery Session to give you a few short-term solutions and see if we’re a good match for working together! I call this a “Discovery Session” because we will be discovering together ways to support you so that opportunities can began effortlessly flowing towards you to create your desired alchemy transformation!

I specialize in helping highly sensitive people embrace and manage their sensitivity and stress levels, so they can manifest their most cherished goals with ease. I’m really looking forward to our Discovery Session and seeing how I can support you with your goals and dreams! We will be talking about your manifesting goals, pin-pointing your stage in The Heroine’s Journey, and drawing a tarot/oracle card for guidance.

Please share with me a little about the challenge you’re having here, so I have an idea what we’ll be focusing on during our session. If it feels like a fit for us to work together, at the end of our session I’ll invite you to work with me. If not, that is completely okay–I will make a recommendation for you so you know exactly where to get the support you need.

This form is like starting your session with me now since these questions will help you gain clarity in the process and prepare me to start thinking of how I can best help you as well.

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    1. What is the biggest challenge you’re having right now?

    2. What has your challenge cost you in terms of money, time, and missed opportunities?

    3. What are 1-3 goals you would like to work on in the next six months?

    4. How committed are you to getting the results you want on a scale from 1 to 10?

    5. Is it okay if I share information about a coaching package I offer that may meet your needs?

    6. What is your best availability right now in terms of days and times for the session?

    7. What is the best way for you to attend the session: phone, Skype, or in person if local?

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