Welcome to Flow Alchemy, a space where I help conscious, highly sensitive people make decisions and gain insight using Tarot.

The powerfully simple tools of Tarot + Intuitive Coaching come together to bring out the power lying within, helping you stay the course as you learn the art and science of making your dreams a reality.

Welcome to Flow Alchemy, a space where conscious, highly sensitive women grow and learn to thrive, each discovering their True Self and authentic path in life.

The powerfully simple tools of Flow Alchemy come together to bring out the power lying within, helping you stay the course as you learn the art and science of making your dreams a reality.

The Story of Flow Alchemy

Christine Erica is a Tarot Reader and Intuitive Life Coach who has helped hundreds of people transform their limiting beliefs to live truly conscious lives. She is a powerfully sensitive luminary and author of Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools.

She teaches people how to use tarot, creative visualization, and cognitive/behavioral approaches–tools both practical and mystical, to guide conscious, highly sensitive people in manifesting their heart’s deepest desires.

Working mainly with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Christine supports them in accepting this, developing a plan of action at their own pace. Feeling empowered rather than overwhelmed in the process, they learn to make their dreams come true with the simple system of Flow Alchemy.

My Heroine’s Journey

How I came to follow my life calling is an unfolding tale, my Heroine’s Journey. The Heroine’s Journey, discovered by legendary mythologist Joseph Campbell, is the basis for any good story.

While every story is different, the Heroine’s Journey is recognizable in all great movies, myths, experiences, and is even recognizable in the Major Arcana of tarot. My hope is that in sharing my own Journey, you will see how your own is unfolding and have faith in what is possible for you…


Hear the Tale…


I knew from an early age I wanted to be a guide and healer, incorporating in some way my artistic creativity. Being sensitive and struggling with anxiety is what drew me to the study of psychology. I experienced a lot of anxiety growing up, as well as stress-related digestive issues, leaving me underweight with a limited diet.

I was eager to understand the mind and the emotions – I wanted to know myself, find the right tools for coping, and share them to empower others.

Meeting the Curandero

When I was 13, I visited a curandero, a traditional Mexican healer, with my family. He gave me a tarot reading, performed a series of cleansing rituals, and gave me advice on how to reframe my thoughts. And then he invited me to study with him and become a curandera myself!

I was later told that is the age when a healer is traditionally invited to study the healing arts as a rite of passage. I was flattered by the offer, but declined. I didn’t speak Spanish and was living in another state. However, this meeting was to have profound repercussions on my life to come.


The Art & Science of Manifestation

Years later as I began to study psychology, I stumbled upon Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization. I was thrilled! She explained how you can use the art of visualization to imagine any situation in your life going the way you desire.

She demonstrated in her book how this can actually influence the course of events in your life without controlling anyone or anything. Using creative visualization is not about forcing anything, and to stay in this spirit it is helpful to end visualizations with a statement such as, “This or something better now manifests for me for the highest good of all concerned.” Intending what you would like, you are still open to other possibilities.

Creative visualization has helped me improve relationships, win contests, find jobs, and even find my dream apartment!

The Path Unfolds…

Using creative visualization over the years, I have learned that each time I embark on manifesting a specific outcome, I enter my own Heroine’s Journey. I began to notice certain stages and archetypes appear time and time again. I go into much more detail about this with my clients – and in a course I taught with Steven Ingraham, Manifesting with Mindfulness Masterclass.

The Heroine’s Journey includes stages like meeting supportive people, reaffirming commitment, facing a tough decision, and experiencing a “dark night of the soul” – just to name a few. Archetypes from tarot also appear, such as The Fool, The High Priestess, and The Lovers.

I believe the Heroine’s Journey arises when we aren’t yet in alignment with what we’re manifesting: the time is simply not right, for reasons perhaps unknown to us. The Heroine’s Journey involves going through the manifesting process to attain what we already had at the beginning – the catch is we don’t know it without going through the journey!


Diving into the Secrets of the Mind

While studying creative visualization and manifesting on my own, I majored in psychology in college and spent seven years working as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. I became fascinated with neuropsychology and how the brain affects behavior.

I understood the cognitive difficulties my clients were facing: many had traumatic brain injuries or psychiatric diagnoses like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I focused on providing solutions for maximizing their strengths and building new pathways in the brain.


New Horizons

I started graduate school studying neuropsychology and learned all about how our brains work and how our neurological problems and strengths can affect us. I intended to continue my graduate studies in a doctoral program and maybe even  work as a researcher investigating how what we see on brain scans correlates with symptoms and behaviors.

New Horizons

I started graduate school studying neuropsychology around the same time I began a new relationship. He was a successful business owner and I learned a lot about running a business just by being around him.

My graduate school experience was different than most. Between studying the brain and how hormones affect cognition, I was traveling with him all over the world meeting many successful coaches and entrepreneurs. Their work would eventually inspire me to start my own business helping the world.


Striking Out On My Own

By the end of my graduate studies, I was at a crossroads, not sure if I wanted to continue on with a doctorate doing research or pursue clinical work. I quickly got a job as an Intake Counselor and began working as a Life Coach and learning tarot. Since then, I haven’t looked back! I decided I wanted to advance my clinical training and completed a second graduate degree in counseling.

Rising to the challenges on the path has been incredibly fulfilling: I am profoundly grateful for my experiences and have been enjoying every step of my Heroine’s Journey!

Align with the Flow of the Universe

What you are experiencing in this moment is all your creation. This life is a dream that you are dreaming. A dream you can change right now.

It is time to realign with who you truly are. It is time to dream a different dream. To live a new life.

Learn the art and science of manifesting with the powerful process of Flow Alchemy. This unique system combines a wide range of powerful tools to bring out the power within, helping you stay the course as you learn to make your dreams a reality.


Manifest Your Best Life:

5 Powerful Tools

Do you believe it’s possible to have what you want? I know it is. Learn how with my free book, Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools.

Implement these easy techniques into your daily life and you will soon taste the fruits of your imagination.


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