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Just as you are unique, so are your dreams. This is why your Heroine’s Journey, the path to realizing your desires, is one-of-a-kind and not to be traveled by anyone else. Just you.

Many of us have taken similar journeys, and we can share the lessons learned along the way to support you. To guide you further towards the life you know you are here to live. Together, we will draw the unique roadmap to your future.

While each plan is as unique as the soul it is designed for, to create it we go through a tried-and-true process. It all begins with truly hearing the voice of your intuition…

The Path to Your Dream Life

In your 3-month coaching package, The Path to Your Dream Life, we will explore the following…


• Intention Setting Session: Connecting with the Source, we dive deep into your intuition to realign with your heart’s truest desires.

• Flow Alchemy Manifestation Toolkit: A treasure trove of over 2 dozen, easy-to-use tools to manifest your desires.

• Map to Your Heroine’s Journey: Based on the Flow Alchemy tools you most resonate with – and your unique strengths and talents – we design a detailed, custom map to guide you along the path to your dream life.

• Weekly Guidance Sessions: Every week, we explore in depth the challenges of your Heroine’s Journey – and exactly how to use the Flow Alchemy tools to rise above them.

• Tarot Synchronicity Reading: Cultivate your intuition by reading the messages of the Universe found within these archetypal symbols and patterns.

Working with Christine gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. After only one month of coaching, I found far more clarity than I had achieved after working independently for months. 

– Mary Lang, Music Therapist  


Working with Christine gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. After only one month of coaching, I found far more clarity than I had achieved after working independently for months. 

– Mary Lang, Music Therapist  



When you begin the process of Flow Alchemy, you also receive as a bonus my 4-part audio masterclass, Manifesting with Mindfulness. Often overlooked, cultivating an attitude of mindfulness in your daily life is in fact the hidden key to manifesting with ease.

In this course, you learn to:

• Use your intuition to make challenging decisions
• Get clarity on what you truly want
• Keep the juices flowing while manifesting a new project
• Move out of fear and align with your desire
• Stay with the manifesting process, even when it’s tough and you feel like giving up
• Mindfully acknowledge your true feelings, while holding space for what you desire to feel

One More Bonus: Conscious Business Clarity Workbook

You have a vision for the world – an idea that could truly change lives. You thirst to live a life of purpose while creating value for yourself, others, and the world at large. But perhaps you’re having trouble turning your idea into a thriving business, actively changing the world one client at a time.

If this is you, I will also include my Conscious Business Clarity Workbook, packed with powerful tools and useful resources to take you through the steps of growing your heart-based enterprise.

I guide you through the entire process in our Conscious Entrepreneurship Sessions. Together, we create and implement a business plan that is in alignment with your vision, your values, and your passion.


You Create Your Reality

The power to create your reality is in your hands.

Claim your free Manifestation Discovery Session now and embark on the Path to Your Dream Life.


Tarot Synchronicity Reading


The Tarot is a powerful tool for reading the signs of synchronicity. Messages from the Universe channel through the cards by the acausal connecting principle of synchronicity and the Law of Attraction.

These messages are the divine voice of intuition flowing through us in a way we can interpret and learn from. These classical symbols represent archetypes in our collective unconscious, connecting and uniting us on a level deeper than the mind.

My intention as a guide is to use the cards to create a living synchronicity experience – a mirror of our combined intuition. This opens a space for you to receive answers to your most burning questions – about yourself, your current situation, and even your ultimate path in life.

Are you ready to dive into your heart and let the voice of your intuition sing forth?

Manifest Your Best Life:

5 Powerful Tools

Do you believe it’s possible to have what you want? I know it is. Learn how with my free book, Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools.

Implement these easy techniques into your daily life and you will soon taste the fruits of your imagination.


manifest your best life - 5 powerful tools

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