The Three Layers in Every Conversation

There is so much happening in every interaction that is beneath the surface. So often communication goes awry, because we are not consciously aware of what is truly being communicated in a conversation. Have you ever stopped to think about the many layers that exist in a conversation? Have you ever had an argument with someone and you just weren't really sure exactly where or why it turned ugly? Or maybe you walked away with a strange feeling after a conversation that you didn't feel during the conversation (like maybe you felt good during the conversation, but afterwards you're not quite sure it went as well as you thought it did?) If you want to be a better communicator, it is really important to be aware of the conversation you are having beneath the conversation. There is so much more being said than just words, and often the true statement a person is making is not even in the words. The three layers taking place in every conversation are: 1) Verbal 2) Body language 3) Intention