Can Mindfulness Help With Addiction?

Rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction and even quitting smoking, are notoriously difficult pursuits. It is not uncommon to read about parents who cannot afford to feed their families, but who do not miss out on their daily pack of cigarettes. In this day and age, the very best rehabilitation programs have a 70 per cent relapse rate. Clearly, new approaches to addiction are required! Reward- Based Learning Systems The reason addictions can be so difficult to beat is the reward-based learning system, ingrained in the human brain since primitive times. In its most basic form, it comprises three elements: trigger, behavior, reward. Triggers are indulged and since the effect is positive, our brain stores this memory so we continue the same behavior in the future. In primitive times, this reward based system worked well to ensure people obtained food to survive yet it continues to govern the way our brain works today, even when food and drink are not scarce for many. All addictive substances (from cigarettes to alcohol) affect the part of the brain that reacts to these substances through the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Using addictive substances like cocaine and cigarettes, continues to feed a cycle that prompts reinforcement from these substances.

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word we’re hearing increasingly often, because of its value for managing a variety of physical and mental health problems. However, what does being mindful mean and how can mindfulness help us attain greater wellness? Understanding Mindfulness The principle of mindfulness comes from Buddhism and was designed to help followers understand themselves, train their minds for the better, and free themselves of unhelpful thoughts that hold them back. It is possible to do this by focusing on our thoughts, feelings, and environment in the present moment, without distraction to the past or future, and not judging the way we think or feel. There are four main aspects of mindfulness:

Manifesting With Mindfulness Video #3: How to Manifest When You Feel Like Giving Up

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Manifesting With Mindfulness Video # 2: Get Clarity

Download and complete our Clarity Worksheet to start implementing tools from this free video below:

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Manifesting With Mindfulness FREE Video Series, Video #1

Power of Manifesting With Mindfulness: We share the research…

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Survey Results: Manifesting With Mindfulness Q & A

                We received some really juicy questions to the survey we put out, asking you for your top questions on Manifesting and Mindfulness!  THANK YOU so much to everyone who contributed questions–we really appreciate it! If you’re curious to hear what other people asked, we got questions about:

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Quick Announcement and a Favor :)

Steven and I are really close to wrapping up our long-awaited Master Class on Manifesting & Mindfulness after months of planning and years of our own trial and error. We are so excited to share it with you! But first I need to ask you a little favor… We plan on releasing our Master Class this October (I know—so soon!). But before we do, I have to ask you a couple of questions. Can you help us out? You can answer the quick questions here and learn a little more about our Master Class at this link: Thank you so

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Sensual Strawberry Mindfulness Tool

I found a Mindfulness Tool I really love and want to share it with you! This will help if you find yourself consumed by your thoughts and worries to the point where you don't enjoy the immediate experience of your being. This will help you if you're running through your day feeling emotions come up and pushing them down and away, because there's just no time for them. If you find yourself making judgments about yourself, other people, or your experiences all the time like, "I'm too fat, I'm too thin, if only I could change that one thing about myself, this room is too hot, this movie is boring," you may actually be creating an unpleasant emotional state such as anxiety, depression, anger, or a desire for unrealistic perfection.

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7 Helpful Benefits of Living Consciously

I had always known that living consciously was an important practice in my life, but I wasn't always aware of how many things it could be applied to for life improvement. One day, I sat down and made a list of all the things I work with people on in my coaching practice. I was looking for a common theme. Once I looked at the list, it was very clear that living consciously is a theme that runs through all areas I use to improve my life and the lives of others Here are the 7 Most Common areas where you can benefit from Living Consciously: 1) Deep Relaxation Many people are drawn to living consciously or mindfulness in order to cope better with anxiety. But even people who are not suffering from anxiety can increase their awareness about when they need to slow down and find a space for relaxation. This can be tough in our fast-paced culture! There are dozens of meditation techniques for achieving deep relaxation. If you try one and it doesn't work for you, rest assured that there is surely one that will. Techniques for relaxation often make us more anxious and restless at first. This is because anxiety is often the first emotion that comes up when you start to settle down. In fact, the more anxious you are, the busier you tend to be to distract yourself. Would you like to feel a taste of deep relaxation right now? Try this 3 Step Technique: 1) Inhale while counting slowly to 4 2) Hold your breath while you count to 7 3) Exhale while counting to 9 I find when I do this even just once, I feel much more relaxed!

What is Mindfulness?

Defining Mindfulness If you've ever wondered exactly what mindfulness is, you've come to the right place. First, let me start with a basic dictionary definition. Mindfulness is defined by Webster's dictionary as: bearing in mind, aware, inclined to be aware and by the Oxford English dictionary as: a state or quality of being mindful, attention and also intention, purpose It is the underlying theme of all the areas that I practice and coach clients on for self-improvement and healing. It is how I approach my own life. What Mindfulness Is to Me To go one step further I'll explain what mindfulness means to me personally. For me, it is simply being aware in the present moment. It sounds very simple and basic, but this really applies to so many things! When you practice mindfulness in your daily life, you are completely in touch with what is happening in the present. Because time is relative, you may find that the true experience of mindfulness is not just a sense of the present moment, but a sense of no time or all time. It is a state of being connected to a deeper truth where no illusion is present.

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