Manifesting With Mindfulness Video # 2: Get Clarity

Download and complete our Clarity Worksheet to start implementing tools from this free video below:

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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? How to See it as a Gift

Why Sensitivity Matters Many people who are interested in the things I talk about here on my blog (finding your purpose, making money following your passion, following your intuition, living magically, etc) are highly sensitive people– like me. If you think you might be a highly sensitive person too, this article will help you discover and honor this trait–whether it’s in yourself or someone else. So why is this trait so important? Well sensitives are different—not just any job is right for us, and we are uniquely wired to serve the world in a way that is different from the rest of the population.

My Top 8 Favorite Juicy Reasons to Meditate

So in my last blog post I talked about The Top 4 Most Common Excuses to Avoid Meditating. Now I’d like to share what really motivates me to meditate, when it seems like there are so many other important things I have to do instead. There are many benefits to meditating, but I want to share with you my personal favorites:

My Expert on Purpose Interview: How to Use Intuition to Make Life-Changing Decisions in Business

I had the pleasure of being the Expert on Purpose for an interview with The Women of Facebook this past Tuesday. For one hour, I answered some juicy questions about how to use the power of intuition to make life-changing decisions with business and money.

My Upcoming *Expert on Purpose* Interview with The Women of Facebook

On Tuesday, July 23rd (10 AM EST), I will be the *Expert on Purpose* on The Women of Facebook, a Facebook group of supportive and awesome women entrepreneurs! I will be answering questions about using the power of intuition to make life-changing decisions and overcoming blocks with money and business.