I had the pleasure of being the Expert on Purpose for an interview with The Women of Facebook this past Tuesday.Expert on Purpose

For one hour, I answered some juicy questions about how to use the power of intuition to make life-changing decisions with business and money.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • Why emotional empaths are intuitive and difficulties they face
  • Using the law of attraction to manifest your vision
  • 聽Identifying blocks that come up when you move out of your comfort zone and how to cope with them
  • How to organize multiple creative ideas
  • How to use the intuitive process to combine many passions into one business niche
  • How to transform unhealthy beliefs about money

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Note: Since this interview was done on Facebook chat, I’m responding to multiple questions at once here, so if the flow is a little funny–that’s why! I decided to leave the number of “likes” per comment since this is a Facebook feature I really like, and I think it adds to the communication.

Check out the full interview (written in Facebook chat format) here:

Julie Sprouse: I love this subject! Can’t wait! (Unlike3)

Anaev Ingredients: Hi @nathalie, thanks for the expert. Where are we supposed to put the questions, inbox to her fb id? (Like1)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Hi Anaev, The way it works is you write your questions here in the聽 thread. Christina will be here to answer from 10:00 am until 11:00 am (EST) …If you are unable to be here at that time, you can post your question anytime and come back when you can to look at the answer. You can also sign up for “Weekly Expert ON Purpose Passion Page” HERE>> nathalievilleneuve.com/expert-on-purpose/ (Like3)

Anaev Ingredients: Thank you for the reply Nathalie Villeneuve聽 (Like2)

Suzie Cheel: Have a wonderful session- just heading to sleep, will read tomorrow. (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you, Suzi. (Like2)

Peggy Kelly: Tell me, is this where we talk….?聽 (Like1)

Peggy Kelly: I am new at this.聽 (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: Hi Peggy, yes. (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: Good morning everyone! I’m so excited to be answering questions about this topic today. (Like1)

Peggy Kelly: Good morning. (Unlike2)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Hi Christina..Welcome to EOP!! We are thrilled to have you! (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you Nathalie–I’m excited to be here! (Like1)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you help and assist women? (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: Sure, I’m an Intuitive Life Coach and Psychotherapist, specializing in using intuition to make life-changing decisions and overcoming blocks with business and money. (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: I have a Masters degree in psychology and my background is in neuropsychology. (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: I love being able to merge the more “spiritual” aspects of this work with my knowledge of how the brain works behind the scenes. (Like3)

Peggy Kelly: That’s so cool Christina, as I worked in psychiatry and neurology. and the brain is totally amazing. We do not know what we are capable of doing. (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: I help women overcome blocks with business and career, particularly those that are fear-based by becoming more centered and intuitive. (Like2)

Peggy Kelly: What kind of blocks Christina Mattschei? (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: Yes Peggy Kelly–I totally agree, I love being able to bring that aspect to my work. (Like1)

Peggy Kelly: Can you provide us with a fear based block that holds one back? (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: My specialty is coping with anxiety–I find that fear comes up a lot when we’re moving out of our comfort zones and achieving more and more success. (Like2)

Peggy Kelly: Interesting (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: There are others that I see come up a lot too, like having more organized thinking and inner conflict, but fear is the biggie! (Like2)

Loreen Muzik: I love any & all things intuitive & universal laws related… so yay that you’re here! (Unlike2)

Peggy Kelly: Organized thinking, that is a skill I am sure. (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you Loreen! Do you have any questions or topics you’d like me to address? (Like1)

Christina Mattschei:Yes, that really holds people back a lot–wanting to do too many things at once and getting side-tracked. (Like2)

Nathalie Villeneuve: What would be the best way to have more organized thinking? (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: Meditation is *really* helpful for that–actually you can really trace the solution for all of these blocks to the same place. It’s all about being more centered and intuitive…when you’re completely present and conscious of what you’re thinking and doing, you’re in a better position to maintain focus and do the most important thing for yourself in that moment. (Like4)

Loreen Muzik: What are your best tips for identifying our fears & releasing/overcoming them? (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: It’s also really important to know when to shift into doing something more important (being able to leave a task) or when to say no when an opportunity presents itself. I recommend my clients keep a log of their thoughts and activities to look for areas where specific changes can be made. (Like4)

Peggy Kelly: I meditate and I have never reached that part of being more centered. (Like1)

Loreen Muzik: Meditation is a daily must & LOVE in my book! (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: With fear, it is so important to actually feel it–the block is there because there is something we are avoiding or resisting. So it’s really important to be still and present, become conscious of the fear, and then just experience it. Eventually we get bored of it–that’s how we’re wired! But that doesn’t happen when we’re resisting… (Like3)

Christina Mattschei: Peggy Kelly, can you share how you’ve been meditating? I’m wondering if I can offer any tips that might help you feel more centered… (Like2)

Peggy Kelly: Have you ever heard of anyone having their intuition knocked out of them? (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: That’s awesome Loreen Muzik! Meditation can be challenging–I think a lot of people shy away from it, because it actually feels uncomfortable at first. (Like1)

Peggy Kelly: Well, we have a sauna, and that is where I meditate no noise, quiet, very very deep mind you… (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: No, Peggy Kelly, what do you mean? (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: That sounds nice…but you’re not feeling centered when you meditate there? (Like1)

Jacqueline GatesChristina: ~ How would you recommend making a choice about the message/niche/direction of one’s business when one is multi-passionate and *cough cough* good at a lot of things? (Like4)

Peggy Kelly: I was very intuitive when i was a kid, and all the time I was told “you are imagining things, it is not possible, that’s a lie”, so then I closed down, and only recently re-discovered it and have had it brought back to me. (Like2)

Loreen Muzik: I agree Christina! So important to be willing to be uncomfortable to allow the feelings & experience the fear! It really does release itself when faced… I’ve found. (Like3)

Christina Mattschei: That’s a great question Jacqueline Gates! I think it’s so important to find a way to embrace everything you’re multi-passionate about, and it’s okay if it takes time and is a work in progress. We are moving into the age of the personal brand, so the more unique you and your combination of interests are, the better! I would recommend doing some meditation or dreamwork around this. Spend some time giving conscious thought to honor this question everyday and the answers will start creatively flowing. (Like3)

Jacqueline Gates: Ok I really like the idea of being able to do everything … (Like4)

Jacqueline Gates: That wasn’t the answer I expected lol (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: Peggy Kelly, I completely relate to that–that is what happened to me too! Sometimes when we’re highly intuitive and empathic we get *really* good at shutting down away from our emotions, because they are overwhelming. So it becomes all the more harder for us to feel truly centered in the moment because we are perceiving so much more than the average person… (Like4)

Peggy Kelly: Chrsitina you hit the nail on the head, thank you for putting into perspective. (Unlike4)

Christina Mattschei: Yes Jacqueline Gates, I know some people teach being very narrow in your focus and choosing one thing (which I do see the benefit of), but this doesn’t work for everyone. And there are many Coaches and entrepreneurs out there who have managed to combine multi-interests in unique ways, so it’s definitely doable with enough creativity! (Like2)

Nathalie Villeneuve: I also like that idea of being able to “combine” our skills and talent to make it totally unique so that like Christina says… it will make you stand out more Jacqueline …and you already do so…you are going to literally burst out …LOL (Like4)

Loreen Muzik: I’ve found that choosing “everything” at once.. leads to overwhelm & paralysis. Once I allowed myself permission to pursue all of my passions but not start them all at once it was easier to focus on one… get it up & running & then add elements of myself to it… does that make sense? (Like3)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you Peggy Kelly–I think I can relate to your situation. It really *is* tough getting centered when you’re highly sensitive. I would bet you’re probably an emotional empath like me, a concept I just discovered recently. (Like3)

Peggy Kelly: I am an emotional empath, highly sensitive person who has read the book How Do Highly Sensitive People Survive in the World? (Unlike3)

Peggy Kelly: So that makes two of us…. never thought i would run into another. (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Sometimes we are so intuitive and feeling that we block it out and find even meditation uncomfortable because when we finally get a still moment to feel, it feels very strange! (Like3)

Peggy Kelly: I could learn a lot from you (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Peggy Kelly, I would love to talk with you more, if you like–this is a subject I am very passionate about! (Like1)

Peggy Kelly: You see, when people have had their intuition knocked out of them, they end up making terrible mistakes in life… (Like1)

Peggy Kelly: I am passionate about it as well, let’s talk… (Unlike1)

Christina Mattschei: Yes I completely agree! And then it’s difficult to know which “voice” really is the intuitive voice, which can so often be confused with ego or what other people might think we should do or feel in a given situation. (Like2)

Nathalie Villeneuve: “combining multi-interests in unique ways” …I am working of doing that right now..It’s been my main struggle to have to “Pick a niche” I don’t like that idea and it has not work for me…what works is embracing my passion and I feel a lot of women (multi talented) will relate to this and want to know ways to make it happen… (Unlike5)

Christina Mattschei: Peggy Kelly, I would love that! (Like1)

Peggy Kelly: Nathalie, I can see you have a lot of gifts and talents just by your last comment (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Hi Nathalie, I’ve actually had the same struggle myself with the whole “niche” concept. I’ve found that it’s really important to try different ways of combining interests and see how it feels–part of the intuitive process here…Some ways just feel “icky”. The best combination of talents/interests in a niche should feel “grounded”, I want to say “sacred” like you’re home. Does that make sense? (Like3)

Christina Mattschei: Nathalie Villeneuve, it already seems to me like you are doing an excellent job of combining all of your interests! (Like3)

Jacqueline Gates: Absolutely! Makes the best sense I’ve heard recently! (Unlike5)

Loreen Muzik: I agree, Nathalie! I found it so much easier to be fully ME & ignore “niche marketing” when I focused on my avatar… who she is & how I can be of service to her. So important… I think… to express our energies authentically & not be afraid to create new “niches” around our unique passions. I think this ties nicely into Christines suggestion tbat fear arises when we step out of our comfort zone. Or tbe accepted “traditional marketing way”… if that makes sense. (Unlike4)

Michele Anderson: Peggy, we’re everywhere. There are several empaths in this thread. My experience has shown me that the way to do everything is by knowing what each and every everything is and knowing how you wish to give or sell it and to whom. Lots easier said than done but constructive preplanning and thinking is nonetheless as vital as a pulse. Christina, I have been through the dark and arrived at the light in recent years. I’m interested in knowing how to unblock unhealthy attitudes about money. Help! I’m not sure I have them, but I know I don’t want them, and I don’t want to pursue life in denial. (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: I think the problem with finding the “niche” is that it requires taking some action in order to find it, like a work in progress. But it can be scary to do the work involved because we are often doing it in the public eye and don’t want to appear “flaky” if we shape-shift along the way (which is bound to happen during the process). (Like4)

Christina Mattschei: I love that Loreen Muzik–to simply focus on whom you are serving rather than the topic! (Like4)

Peggy Kelly: I agree with you Michele. I have not found my niche, don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. (Like2)

Loreen Muzik: Guilty of total flake out in public! Can relate to that! (Unlike4)

Michele Anderson: About niches, Nathalie… I lucked out. I remember a marketing mentor telling me how as marketing directors we were generalist vs. specialists. Maybe it will help to think of yourself as a ‘something’ director to encompass everything you do. I know you’re already doing that, too. (Like2)

Loreen Muzik: But I love “shape-shift”! Feels so much more positive & transformational than “flake out”! (Unlike3)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Yes Christina…and what I feel is the best approach to succeed in your business and practice is to put forwrad the skill that you have that is the most searched and desired from your audience…and then as you get people in you entourage, you offer “More of you” and bring out what your clients needs (but did not know they’d get from you) The more they hang around you, the more they see what you have to offer them… “Give them what they want, teach them what they need.” (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: Michele, sure–so about money. I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of a “money story” and how we all have one. I recommend first asking yourself what your money story is–meaning messages you got about yourself in relation to money growing up, how they have changed over the years, and how they could be influencing you now… (Like2)

Peggy Kelly: I have to go …… a meeting at 11:00. Great conversation and have a super grand day everyone. (Like3)

Nathalie Villeneuve: I agree Loreen…really interesting topic. (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: Then I can tell you that what has helped me the most with unhealthy beliefs about money, has simply been focusing on pleasure and having the feeling of abundance (in the most responsible way possible, of course). (Like3)

Loreen Muzik: I agree Michele … starting with a more broad concept really has helped me! It’s easier then to include all of our passions under the umbrella. (Unlike4)

Christina Mattschei: It was great talking with you today Peggy Kelly— I look forward to connecting with you! (Like1)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Yes Christina…taking action is key and Kate Lindsay had a superb article she posted in “Blogging Weekend thread” I suggest you look for it… (Like3)

Loreen Muzik: Love the “money story” Christina! I believe all of our “stories” shape us & our invisible boundaries! Great tip! (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: It’s definitely true, what you hear about law of attraction, how focusing on the feeling draws the experience to you…I’ve found in my own experiences that abundance has come (with anything, money included) when I’m already in the feeling of pleasure and abundance…So whatever you can do to create the feeling of enjoying money is helpful. That could be spending a little above your means (in a responsible way) or simply doing something that doesn’t cost you anything that feels luxurious (like wearing a satin sleep mask while you’re in coach pretending you’re in first class ;)) (Like3)

Nathalie Villeneuve:聽 Bye Peggy (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: The “responsible” aspect is a little tricky to define–we’ve all heard stories about people who’ve taken big financial risks not knowing if there would be a return. I’ve had this experience too, so I think it really must have something to do with how authentic the feeling is. (Like2)

Michele Anderson: I didn’t know I had a story, but I have one I’ve thought about… I do pursue abundance in all things vs. just money, but always including money especially for good purposes, like a steward for the Universe. When things went dark a few years back, I relearned a whole lot of things I may not have realized yet. Sometimes I surprise myself with new skills. I ask because I know many of us were programmed by good-hearted people to need vs. want good things. (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you Nathalie –I will take a look at that article! (Like1)

Christina Mattschei: And yes Loreen Muzik–that can definitely work! Despite what many people advise, I can think of at least two people off the top of my head that are very successful with broad niches. (Like4)

Michele Anderson: How do you recommend capturing all the creative ideas we have that get lost because sometimes it’s like crossroad traffic in our minds? Of course we have to write them down or record them! Do you make notes while you’re medicating sometimes? (Unlike3)

Lisa A. Salisbury: I am just join in to say hi Christina Mattschei and thank you for being here. I have to also say how much I have had so many great experiences when taping into my own intuition and I had a time when I released a lot of blocks in my own life that just cleared the way. I now use my own inner guidance greatly when making many decisions and it usually turns out pretty good! (EditedUnlike3)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Christina, I have no recollection of my parents talking about money…it wa taboo in our home I think…so now, when the subject comes up, I leave. (Like3)

Christina Mattschei: I see Michele Anderson–I think what you are talking about here is the difference between provision and vision, meaning the difference between receiving money only to survive and persist versus seeing money as a byproduct of passionate work, more in line with wanting and experiencing rather than needing. Is that what you mean? (Like3)

Christina Mattschei: Michele Anderson–yes definitely! I have notebooks all over the place for writing down random ideas. I put a star next to the ones that are really important, so when I’m skimming I can find them easily. (It also helps to consolidate notes regularly or keep them in easily accessible places, so you can keep track of them). Making a vision board, using a white board or mind mapping can be really helpful to see them all at the same time and how they might fit together. (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: Hi Lisa, happy to have you here even if only for a bit! That is awesome that you can tune into your intuitive voice so easily–for many people that can be quite difficult! (Like2)

Lisa A. Salisbury: Do you believe that when you release blocks you also open the door for better manifesting? (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: Nathalie Villeneuve, that makes me think of the dream you shared a bit…I will have to ponder that some more, but I think the dream you shared may be tied to that somehow. Do you think that’s possible? (Like2)

Lisa A. Salisbury: I believe that I was very intuitive as a child, but did not have the support in any way. This had changed my parenting greatly, as I know that my daughter has many special gifts. (Unlike4)

Michele Anderson: Christina, I get how you said that. Are our visions bigger than our provisions? Or reverse? Because I’ve taught my son to imagine or invision everything he wants in the future. Only after years of reading and maturing, did I learn it was okay, and actually healthy and important for LOA to actually identify what we WANT. It’s okay and the way our thoughts are aided into turning into things. I really had to practice to make it happen. (Unlike3)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Yes Christina…I do…I had another money dream last night but I don’t think it relates to the one I told you about. In the newest one…there was a lot of change (quarters and dimes)??? (EditedLike3)

Michele Anderson: Yes, Nathalie’s dream. I’m still pondering that. (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Lisa, I think that’s very common… I felt that way too, even though my mother was somewhat supportive and I hear that from a lot of people…It seems hard to be supportive even when parents themselves are intuitive and empathic. I see this in friends of mine with kids as well. I think it’s awesome that you are encouraging your daughter’s gifts! (Like3)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Here’s the link to the thread where we shared before: http://bitly.com/ExpertOnPurposeJuly23 (Like1)

Michele Anderson: Let me gummy up the water and ask, which came first… the empath or the parent that encouraged using intuition? (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: Michele Anderson–yes that is exactly what I mean! It’s okay to have visions bigger than your current provision (what you currently provide for yourself financially), because the important thing is the knowledge and thoughts you have, not the money. A person who knows how to make or attract money can lose it repeatedly and still gain it back because of their knowledge, thoughts, actions, etc. (Like3)

Christina Mattschei: Nathalie Villeneuve, do you mean change like coins? (Like2)

Nathalie Villeneuve: YES!聽 (Like2)

Lisa A. Salisbury: Actually I found that encouraging her in her gifts, opened me up to mine even more! She is really the reason for me “jumping on my spiritual path” It is truly amazing what your children can do for you. (EditedUnlike3)

Michele Anderson: I had a baby and got a computer tutor in twelve short years!! I love that, Lisa. (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: Michele, I honestly believe empathic traits are genetic… What I see/hear most often the story where the empathic parent is blocking it out and doesn’t want to encourage it in the child, which leaves the child confused and feeling bad, only to find out later that the parent has had similar experiences (grandparents even!). (Like4)

Christina Mattschei: Nathalie Villeneuve, what I get from what you’ve said is that money is there for you, but you are walking away (like you mentioned leaving when there is a discussion because it’s uncomfortable?) I kept thinking there had to be a way to fix the lottery situation in your dream, there had to be a solution that did not involve altering your artwork for that annoying lady! I would love to hear more about your dream with the change… (Like2)

Nathalie Villeneuve: I like the thoughts you gave about my dream about winning a Million dollars… (Unlike3)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you, it was a fun dream to explore! (Like2)

Lisa A. Salisbury: I am pretty sure that my dad is empathic….and still is! I believe that there was more fear that anything in my mom. My husband is very intuitive as well as our son. The four of us together are quite something. Our daughter is in a local indigo class with 12 other children where she can explore more of this!! What I found is that it really does help having others to relate with!! (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Lisa A. Salisbury, that is so awesome! I didn’t know anything like that existed (the indigo class). (Like2)

Christina Mattschei: Nathalie Villeneuve–do we need to wrap up now?

Jacqueline Gates: Brilliant conversation, ladies. Thanks so much, Christina. (Unlike3)

Nathalie Villeneuve: The new dream is: I am in a Grand Hotel. I am looking for my sister. When I see her she has money (cash) in her hand so I ask to borrow money…the cash becomes a lot of change..This dream is not as clear as the Million Dollar one…

Christina Mattschei: Thank you so much for this awesome conversation everyone! And thank you Nathalie Villeneuve, for making this possible. I am offering free 45 minute Discovery Sessions for everyone here who would love to explore more. Email me at Christina@CoachingWithChristina.com if you’d like to set up a session.

Nathalie Villeneuve: Thank you for being here Christina… you are welcome to stay if there are more questions…or come back later if there are new ones. (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: I also have a free ebook called “Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools” about using law of attraction, that you can get here: www.CoachingWithChristina.com

Lisa A. Salisbury: I feel it really does help, and there should be more of them. So happy I got to jump in real quick. Thank you Christina Mattschei and Nathalie Villeneuve…and of course this amazing group of ladies!! (Unlike2)

Michele Anderson: I loved it. I was riveted to my seat. I learned a great deal too, thank you so much, Christina. (Unlike2)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Have a great day Lisa !

Nathalie Villeneuve: Ciao Michele

Lisa A. Salisbury: You as well!

Nathalie Villeneuve: As always Christina, you showed your skills and expertise and how beautifully you are able to assist women in so many areas. Thank you! (Unlike1)

Nathalie Villeneuve: Ladies, I invite you to Sign-up for our ” EOP Weekly Passion Page ” to get the highlights of this conversation! http://nathalievilleneuve.com/expert-on-purpose/

Christina Mattschei: Thank you Nathalie Villeneuve–this dream is interesting… You are in an elegant place (symbolizing money), asking to borrow cash that decreases in value…this is how I see this–it seems very clear that you have the mindset to have a lot of money and abundance (winning 1 million dollars, already *inside* the grand hotel) but either dealing with somebody petty or asking to borrow money (when you may not really need it because you’re already there in the elegant place or have already won?)…this seems to be about wanting validation from people when it’s not necessary, because you already have everything you need…We can talk more about this aside from here if you like, would love to know your thoughts!

Christina Mattschei: Thank you everyone–I had such a great time! (Like1)

Zna Trainer: Thank you, Christina Mattschei, for your wealth of wisdom, understanding, intuitive brilliance, and all of you, and our leader, Nathalie Villeneuve, ma belle amie. C’est magnifique, n’est-ce pas? Words cannot express my gratitude for each of you here for your brilliant business minds and your exquisite beauty of heart and soul, your energy, effervescence, exemplary excellence extraordinaire ************************************. Decades document my passionate many times 20 hour days serving, saving lives, yet many billions worldwide have yet to learn of my invention, life’s work, what world renowned research scientists acknowledge as the sole source of unprecedented, huge unparalleled d amounts of oxygen immediately delivered to cells, making this not yet learned about these life saving breakthroughs which I give as a gift to many challenged financially. Saving lives, ending pain, suffering, disease and illness keeping each of us from magnifying our own purpose of life, raison d’etre. Mahalo for moments sharing your thoughts, feelings, and again … you’re valued, appreciated for giving, graciously, selflessly so much, each of you. Aloha nui loa … pu liki Hawaiian hugs (Unlike1)

聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Christina Mattschei: Lisa A. Salisbury–just realized I didn’t address a question you had earlier聽 about whether removing blocks can help with manifesting–absolutely! It’s not impossible to manifest with blocks, because it’s a process of working through them (obviously much quicker without them!) I noticed during the manifesting process that there are often gains and losses throughout the process, while working through blocks. So yes, they do get in the way, but it’s okay to have them, as it’s all a process! (Like3)

Lisa A. Salisbury: I found that out as well…people often say that I am super at manifesting, although I do believe that things happen in their own time. That it is all a part of the process and we too can write our own story through it all. Thanks! (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Nathalie, is it okay to share this interview on my blog? If so, if anyone does not want their part shared for whatever reason, please let me know (Like3)

Nathalie Villeneuve: That’s fine Christina… (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you! (Like1)

Suzanne Michelle: Oh, just now enjoying the thread. Thank you, Christina Mattschei (Unlike2)

Paola Devescovi: Enjoying the thread now. I couldn’t make it CHristina, I’m so sorry I missed it. I can see it was a success!!! (Unlike2)

Christina Mattschei: Thank you both for checking it out later (Like2)

Beverly McGregor Monical: I had to do it now too.I am sorry I missed it. (Like1)

Gladys Diaz: Sorry I missed it, but enjoyed reading the thread! Looking forward to the Passion Page highlights on Friday, Nathalie! (Unlike2)

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