Video #3: How to Manifest When You Feel Like Giving Up

Registration is now CLOSED Bonuses for Quick Action Takers! Sign up by October 7th at midnight to receive these exclusive bonuses: A free private Manifesting Coaching Session with Christina A free private Mindfulness Coaching Session with Steven Manifesting With Mindfulness Master Class Details: In 4 classes we will be covering: * How to use your intuition to make a difficult decision * How to get clarity on what you really want * How to keep the juice flowing while manifesting a new project * How to move out of fear and into alignment with your desire * How to mindfully acknowledge

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Manifesting With Mindfulness Video #3: How to Manifest When You Feel Like Giving Up

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Making Magic in 2014: A Ritual

It’s that time of the year–everyone is doing their end-of-the-year reviews and planning visions for 2014! I’ve sifted through so many exercises and suggestions for starting the year off right, and I’m starting to get a feel for what works best for me. I’d love to share with you what resonates…

My Expert on Purpose Interview: How to Use Intuition to Make Life-Changing Decisions in Business

I had the pleasure of being the Expert on Purpose for an interview with The Women of Facebook this past Tuesday. For one hour, I answered some juicy questions about how to use the power of intuition to make life-changing decisions with business and money.

My Upcoming *Expert on Purpose* Interview with The Women of Facebook

On Tuesday, July 23rd (10 AM EST), I will be the *Expert on Purpose* on The Women of Facebook, a Facebook group of supportive and awesome women entrepreneurs! I will be answering questions about using the power of intuition to make life-changing decisions and overcoming blocks with money and business.

Interview With Patricia Gozlan: Beginner’s Tips for Using Law of Attraction

I am so excited to share with you my first time hosting an interview! Last weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing Prosperity Coach, Patricia Gozlan about using the law of attraction to pursue desires and make them a reality (you may remember her from a video I shared awhile back called How to Use Creative Visualization: Mistake #3).  We talked about the basics here, so if you’re new to the idea of law of attraction, this is for you! Even if you’re already familiar with the concept, I think you’ll enjoy this interivew, as Patricia has some unique perspectives and tips to share. Even after all the reading and experimenting I’ve done with the law of attraction, it always helps me to take a step back and be reminded of the basics too. Plus her energy about this topic is warm, enthusiastic, and contagious! A few highlights she shares in this interview: * A brilliant exercise you can try if you’re a skeptic (love this one!) * How to create the ideal mindset for using law of attraction effortlessly * Some common mistakes people make when first using the law of attraction and what to do instead * How law of attraction can be used in business and career

What is the Difference Between a Coincidence and a Synchronicity Experience?

After sharing my last video How to Interpret Synchronicity Experiences, a viewer asked me: “How can you tell the difference between what’s just a coincidence and a synchronicity experience? That is a great question! I heard from several people that had never heard of synchronicity experiences before watching my video… It makes sense that if you’d like to start noticing synchronicity experiences in your life, you want to be able to notice what makes a coincidence special and meaningful. You want to start paying attention 😉 In this video, I explain the difference between a coincidence and a synchronicity and give an example of each.

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3 Inner Mindset Tips to Change Your Outer Results (+ Time Sensitive Free Giveaway!)

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for things in your life to improve before you give yourself permission to feel great, relax, and enjoy? If so, you’ll want to read and experience this! Today I want to share with you a guest article by my dear friend and Law of Attraction Coach, Saskia Fokkink.I met her at Thrive Academy this past November and think she is amazing! She has some great tips for changing your mindset in order to change your outer results AND a very generous offer to help you do this (keep reading!) 🙂

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How to Have it All Now

Do you ever feel frustrated, because things in your life aren’t the way you wish they were? I know what that feels like, because I feel that way too sometimes. Sometimes I get frustrated when I look around and see a disconnect between what I wish was true, and what I actually see in my life. But then I remember a really powerful tool that has brought me my desires in the past and never stops working. It has worked so many times for me, and yet sometimes I *still* need to remind myself to use this tool, because it’s so

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Decision Making Tip: Connect With Your Higher Self

I was able to make a difficult decision this week using a really cool technique, and I want to share it with you today! I just started taking a class called Adult Psychopathology, because I wanted to get more clinical experience and possibly even an LPC (license professional counselor) license. It was a lot of extra work, though, and I found myself wondering if it was working in harmony with my work as a Life Coach or detracting from it. It was hard to decide by reasoning. On the one hand, learning more is always advantageous. But the time I would

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