Your Unique Path to Creating What You Want ~ Interview With Jackson Holiday Wheeler

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I have a process for working towards what I’m creating. It’s the same process I use whether I’m manifesting something I desire or using a step by step plan to meet goals. And it makes me laugh, because I’ve always felt like this process was actually kind of “wrong”. See, when most success experts give advice, they usually just tell you to take “massive action” or something of that nature. They tell you to just starting doing things physically (the right things, of course) to get what you want quickly. But in this interview I did with Jackson Holiday Wheeler, we discuss another way…

Manifesting With Mindfulness Video #3: How to Manifest When You Feel Like Giving Up

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Manifesting With Mindfulness Video # 2: Get Clarity

Download and complete our Clarity Worksheet to start implementing tools from this free video below:

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Manifesting With Mindfulness FREE Video Series, Video #1

Power of Manifesting With Mindfulness: We share the research…

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Survey Results: Manifesting With Mindfulness Q & A

                We received some really juicy questions to the survey we put out, asking you for your top questions on Manifesting and Mindfulness!  THANK YOU so much to everyone who contributed questions–we really appreciate it! If you’re curious to hear what other people asked, we got questions about:

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Quick Announcement and a Favor :)

Steven and I are really close to wrapping up our long-awaited Master Class on Manifesting & Mindfulness after months of planning and years of our own trial and error. We are so excited to share it with you! But first I need to ask you a little favor… We plan on releasing our Master Class this October (I know—so soon!). But before we do, I have to ask you a couple of questions. Can you help us out? You can answer the quick questions here and learn a little more about our Master Class at this link: Thank you so

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Your Guide to Creating a Vision for 2013

There are so many ways to make plans for the New Year—New Year’s resolutions being the one we think about most. I think New Year’s Resolutions have gotten a bad rap because we tend to think about them as being unrealistic goals that we’re really excited about at first…and then we get burned out and forget about them as the year goes on. Maybe it’s just a matter of approaching the desire for change in a different way? I’d rather create a simple vision that will give me a lot of satisfaction when I look back on how the year went…

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~ 3 Manifesting Tips to Deal With Disappointment ~

Have you ever called in an amazing opportunity and then experienced disappointment in how it turned out? I’m sure that’s happened to all of us at one point or another. You set your intention to receive something you’ve been wanting (whether you’re formally setting it or not—it all starts with a thought), you finally receive it, and then things don’t go as planned. Obstacles come up. Well that definitely happened to me this week. And it got me asking all those questions like, “Why would I receive this in the first place if it wasn’t going to work out???” So I decided to make a video about my experience and share 3 insights that ultimately helped me deal with my disappointment.

Manifesting the Feminine Way in 2012

Yang energy is associated with heat, outward force, and masculinity, while Yin is associated with coolness, moving inward, subtlety, and femininity. Most of us approach New Year's Resolutions in a very Yang, masculine way by making a list of goals with deadlines and attempts to follow them rigidly. Setting goals is very important, but this year I invite you to call on your Yin energy and try manifesting the Feminine Way to create more balance in your manifesting process.

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How to Use Affirmations So They Really Work: Tip #1

Targeted Affirmation Tip #1: Creating Intentions: Intend to Have What You Want In recent years, there has been a lot of backlash against affirmations. Many people believe that they don't really work. I believe the reason for this is because many people tried what seemed like a great idea, didn't do it quite right, and then became discouraged. I'm actually one of those people! I've been getting a lot of questions about affirmations lately, so I decided to revisit this topic. My Personal Affirmation Failure I started using affirmations when I was in the seventh grade. I remember having a small book about positive thinking that recommended using affirmations to feel happier and more relaxed. I was feeling very sad and anxious at the time, and repeating the affirmations really wasn't working for me. I remember reading affirmations to myself like: "I feel good" "I deserve to feel good" "I feel relaxed" And they really didn't help me to feel any better. In fact, reading the affirmations frustrated me. I would say the affirmation and just feel worse, because it didn't match what I was actually feeling. It felt shallow somehow, like I was trying to fix something within me on a surface level without digging deeper. Have you ever had this experience using affirmations? Maybe our society and knowledge of how to use techniques like this is evolving, because I don't remember ever reading anything about how affirmations don't work, when I was younger. Everyone just seemed so excited to have a new technique to use. There wasn't a whole lot of talk about how to do it correctly, so that it actually works. Why Affirmations Don't Work (Sometimes)

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