First The Placebo ARock Tickets Story: I really wanted to win tickets to one of Placebo’s recent ARock shows in Europe. So because I’m really into visualization and creating my destiny, I visualized myself winning tickets and set my intention to win—and then I won!!! I won tickets to the show in Rome!!!

So I spent the next few days looking for someone as crazy as me willing to go at the spur of the moment to Rome (I live in the US). I researched accommodations and tried to get everything settled. While everything could have worked out fine, some obligations came up out of nowhere leading me to think it wouldn’t be the best time to skip on out of town.  </3

It was an *extremely* difficult decision to make, because I wanted to go so bad and was acutely aware of the irony here. It seemed like a divine moment, some kind of test. My intuition told me there were too many things that could go wrong if I left at this time. So I made the choice to give the tickets away. It was a huge lesson in detachment.

Here is a picture of my friend Antonio with Placebo’s drummer Steve Forrest (you can also see part of my friend Chiara in there too!).  The person who went in my place met Steve Forrest and caught his drumstick!!! *lucky lucky vibes*



Of course, at first I was very jealous, but now I see this as a good omen—that the energy that came towards me in the form of the tickets was passed on to Antonio and his awesome experience!

Here is the original post I wrote, trying to make sense of all this:

Have you ever called in an amazing opportunity and then experienced disappointment in how it turned out?

I’m sure that’s happened to all of us at one point or another. You set your intention to receive something you’ve been wanting (whether you’re formally setting it or not—it all starts with a thought), you finally receive it, and then things don’t go as planned. Obstacles come up.

Well that definitely happened to me this week.

And it got me asking all those questions like, “Why would I receive this in the first place if it wasn’t going to work out???”

So I decided to make a video about my experience and share 3 insights that ultimately helped me deal with my disappointment.

Oh and by the way, I say in this video “There are an infinite amount of stars in the Universe”—I know that’s not technically true, but you know what I mean, right?

This is my first video blog ever, so I’m still experimenting with this and would love your feedback!

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