Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I have a process for working towards what I’m creating. It’s the same process I use whether I’m manifesting something I desire or using a step by step plan to meet goals.

And it makes me laugh, because I’ve always felt like this process was actually kind of “wrong”.

See, when most success experts give advice, they usually just tell you to take “massive action” or something of that nature. They tell you to just starting doing things physically (the right things, of course) to get what you want quickly.

But in this interview I did with Jackson Holiday Wheeler, we discuss another way…

Now don’t get me wrong. I agree that taking action is absolutely necessary and, of course, I do take action. But something about that advice in general has never resonated with me. Looking back on things I’ve wanted to create or try, there always seems to be a “dream state” of sorts for me. A time when I’m pondering, writing down ideas, doing a lot of thinking, and collecting information. I’m reading books, watching videos, absorbing information like a sponge. And not quite doing anything with it…for a time.

And I notice this time, and I have felt guilty about it. I wonder sometimes what is wrong with me when I spend so much time in this state, not feeling ready to act yet. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, considering I’m the kind of girl who likes to ease into a pool rather than jump in off a diving board.

But now I*completely* understand why I do this, and I understand that it’s actually an essential part of my unique and natural process. It’s not the creative process that’s right for everyone—for some people, immediate massive action is a more natural place to start. But *my* process is right for me. And just because it’s different from the “typical” fast-moving advice, doesn’t mean that it has to hold me back either.

Even though I’ve noticed myself doing this for years, it didn’t feel like a “valid” process until I learned about my Personal Process of Creation. This is a process that my friend and colleague Jackson Holiday Wheeler discovered and recently shared with me.

Jackson and I met while traveling through Kurdistan on an amazing trip his father led back in 2008. It was also around this time that I met his mother Rebel Holiday, who explained the Harmony Patterns to me. The Harmony Patterns are patterns that she noticed in people. She found that by looking at skin tone and facial features, she could determine that certain colors and shapes are more flattering for a specific person. Over the years, she discovered that these patterns go far deeper than just being a tool to figure out your best colors to wear (which is very valuable in and of itself). These patterns also relate to our personalities, our essences. And yes, they are a part of how we create, manifest, and reach our goals. They relate to how we appear on the outside, but also to who we are on the inside. Years later, Jackson discovered that your creative process is directly connected to your Personal Harmony Pattern, and the Personal Process of Creation was born.

Knowing my Personal Harmony Pattern and Personal Process of Creation has helped me get out of my own way and allow more ease of movement in my life. To enhance my outer appearance, I know which colors and shapes best accentuate my true essence. This helps me express my authentic nature and signal out into the world that much stronger (and avoid colors and shapes that are overpowering or make me look sickly). And on the inside, this has helped me have more patience and acceptance for my process, so I don’t waste valuable mental energy feeling guilty about it. It also means that I know where my weak points are. For instance, I’m more likely to get distracted or rush through my action-taking phase of creation. Now that I know this, I can consciously enhance this crucial phase in just the right way, so I am that much closer to creating what I desire.

If you’re curious about what *your * Personal Process of Creation might be and want to know a little more about these Harmony Patterns I’m talking about, I invite you to check out this interview I did with Jackson. In this interview, he shares how he and Rebel made these discoveries and talks a little about the science behind it.

At the end, he also goes into detail about *my* Personal Harmony Pattern and Personal Process of Creation. So if you’re feeling curious and a little voyeuristic, definitely check this out! You’ll get a good idea of what knowing your Personal Harmony Pattern and Personal Process of Creation can mean for you, your manifesting, and your creative process.

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Have you noticed that you have a personal process for the way you manifest and set goals? Does it differ or mirror typical advice? Leave a comment–I’d love to know what you think!