Manifesting With Mindfulness Video # 2: Get Clarity

Download and complete our Clarity Worksheet to start implementing tools from this free video below:

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Procrastinating? 3 Tips for Taking Action in the Present

Today I want to introduce you to guest poster and former client of mine, Jessica Gonzalez (aka Jica Gonz)! Jessica came to see me, because she wanted to optimize her blog and explore the possibility of using it as a platform for a future career in personal development. I think she is absolutely amazing and highly motivated, because she started learning about blogging and on line marketing while she was in high school! Of course, technology was different when I was in high school, but I wish I had started then! Here Jessica shares why it’s so important to have a clear goal in mind and start taking small actionable steps based on her own experiences–enjoy!

How to Make Money Following Your Passion

Today I want to share with you 4 Keys to Making Money While Following Your Passion. My friend and fellow Coach Janis Cline are so fired up about this topic that we are offering a free teleseminar in May to share with you everything that we’ve learned! 🙂 Here’s a preview of the 4 Keys that we’ll be diving into:

Part II: Get Clarity on Your Dream (and What to Do if You’re Not Clear Yet)

Today I want to share with you *2 Key Insights* for taking the very first baby steps toward your dream. This is still very much about being at the beginning, figuring out exactly what you want, and bringing all your best resources together. The first key insight is the number one thing you must do and have to make your dream a reality. The second key insight provides the solution to not having the first figured out yet. :)

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