Your Unique Path to Creating What You Want ~ Interview With Jackson Holiday Wheeler

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I have a process for working towards what I’m creating. It’s the same process I use whether I’m manifesting something I desire or using a step by step plan to meet goals. And it makes me laugh, because I’ve always felt like this process was actually kind of “wrong”. See, when most success experts give advice, they usually just tell you to take “massive action” or something of that nature. They tell you to just starting doing things physically (the right things, of course) to get what you want quickly. But in this interview I did with Jackson Holiday Wheeler, we discuss another way…

Part I: The Beginning of Your Dream

Welcome to my Make Your Dreams Come True This Summer Series! :) I am in the process of creating something very special to share with you at the end of the summer--basically something to do with getting closer to achieving any dream you have or simply getting closer to living your dream life. For the rest of the summer, I'll be sharing 4 Basic Steps for getting closer to your dream, including resources from my good friend (and former Life Coach) Celestine Chua, writer at Personal Excellence ( Celestine has been a huge believer and motivator in me pursuing my dreams,

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