If you’re anything like me, you’re envisioning what you want to create in 2012, wondering if you should be setting resolutions, goals, etc. 

It can be overwhelming–especially when you hear people constantly talking about how resolutions never really stick anyway. So you may think–why bother?

Well I decided to spend the week leading up to New Year’s Eve doing something very radical for me instead of diving into my goals and resolutions for the New Year, I spent my time doing nothing but relaxing! I listened to good music, dreamed, and took a Bulgari Green Tea bubble bath…

I haven’t allowed myself a week to do nothing in a looooong time.  There was a lot of space that I could have been using productively, but I really felt that I needed it just for reflecting and restoring.

During this period, I came up with my biggest insights from 2011 and decided exactly how I want to approach the creating and manifesting process for 2012. This year will be more about manifesting the feminine way for me, following my intuition, and finding balance. I have two suggestions I would like to share with you that I will be using…

The Art of Mixing Yin and Yang

In traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, there is a dichotomy between Yin and Yang energy.

Yang energy is associated with heat, outward force, and masculinity, while Yin is associated with coolness, moving  inward, subtlety, and femininity.

Most of us approach New Year’s Resolutions in a very Yang, masculine way by making a list of goals with deadlines and attempts  to follow them rigidly.

Setting goals is very important, but this year I invite you to call on your Yin energy and try manifesting the Feminine Way to create more balance in your manifesting process.

Here are some suggestions:

1)  Reflection

Before deciding what you want to bring forth in the New Year, take some time just to reflect on what has happened in 2011. This is a very soothing process that feels great and lessons the overwhelm if you’re feeling pressured to start planning and setting goals.

As I started to think about what I want to create and manifest in 2012, it became clear that  I needed to really understand what happened in 2011.  I set aside conscious time to honor what I’ve accomplished. 

I moved into the apartment I’m living in now on New Year’s Eve last year, and actually felt surprised when it hit me that it’s been a full year! I am grateful for the apartment that I found and the experience of living here. It has also been a time of growth for my web site, tweaking all the pages to make them more authentic and launching my mini ebook, newsletter, and blog. 

I always feel like I could have done more, but it seems that we all feel that way no matter how much we accomplish.

So I breathe and take a moment to embrace and congratulate myself.  I don’t think about what I could have or should have done this year, but what I did do.

2)  Collect data about what you like

I recently read about a manifesting technique which I really love and want to share with you, because it’s fun and it feels effortless. As you move throughout your day, just take note of what you like. It might be a feeling of excitement and anticipation about meeting someone new, the color green, the way the sun plays on the leaves, talking with your friends, a fragrance, the feeling of being desired.

Then spend a little time everyday noting the things that you liked. Try to see if they form a bigger picture or feeling altogether. This will give you clues as to what you want to bring into your life to maximize your happiness and pleasure.

If your time in reflection on 2011 brings up any sadness because some things didn’t work out, this will help.  It’s inevitable that you will become aware of some things that you thought you liked, but you ended up changing your mind or experiencing disappointment.  This is okay.  It’s all part of the process.

Through all the twists and turns and finding out what didn’t work for you, remember that you are always fine tuning and getting closer to what you want. 

This process of recognizing what you don’t want and taking note of what you do want is kind of like creating a stronger inertial guidance system for yourself.  An inertial guidance system is actually the part of an airplane meant to keep the plane within the general area of the runway it is supposed to land on at the expected time.A plane can arrive at the right place at the expected time in spite of having been in error 90 percent of the time!

The plane moves off course, is corrected, and comes back, ¦it moves off course, is corrected, and comes back. So by analogy “getting it right in life” and being “on the right track” is a CONSTANT process of trial and error, but this process works very effectively!

The BEST way to change bad habits is to simply notice what you dislike and stop tolerating it. Say “No” to what you don’t want in your life and start looking out for the things that do bring you happiness and pleasure. This is a constant process.  It’s not really about setting a specific goal, but about making a promise to yourself to always take note of what you want and move in that direction every moment–even if it’s harder at first.

Leave a comment  below with the intentions you would like to bring forth effortlessly in 2012–make it count!

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