As you may know, I have a special love of fragrance—particularly how it can define us as individuals and influence our moods in the moment.

If you too share my love of perfume, please enjoy this article by guest blogger Ivana Vitali of Aesthetic News ( It outlines some helpful tips to take the guesswork out of buying a gift like fragrance for someone special in your life.

Perfumes have long remained a favorite when it comes to giving someone we love a present. It doesn’t matter if they are a woman or a man; everyone loves a delicate scent that shares something extra about their personality.

What is it about fragrance that makes it such a timeless and intimate gift? It’s hard to explain, but the magic of scent lies in that “mystery” feature that it gives us.

In general, perfumes are not cheap, which is why we give them on important occasions. If we are going to spend a considerable amount of money on a potentially awesome present, it’s important to do it right. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right fragrance for our beloved, whether they are a friend, life partner, or a relative.

1) Consider the Purpose: When will it be worn?

Many times, fragrances are designed based on the different periods of the day. For instance, lighter scents areusually worn during daytime, while more intense ones are used for the evening.

Think about the person who is getting the fragrance–does it seem like he or she will use it during the evening?

Does he or she have occasions like dinners or meetings?

If you’re choosing for your partner, you might want to give them a night fragrance, to signal sensuality and romance.

2) Consider Personality Style: Floral or Fruity?

Ask yourself this question if you’re giving th e fragrance to a woman (even if you’re thinking of yourself!). Women who love floral perfumes are quite “girly” in their tastes. According to the stereotypes, they are sweet, shy and very feminine. Give a floral perfume to this kind of girl and she’ll love it for sure.

On the other hand, fruity scents are perhaps a little “wilder” or young-at-heart. This target is often into rock music, outdoor activities and sports. They are good fun and have a sense of humor.


3) Consider the Perfume’s Image: Match the Image to the Individual

Check out the overall image of the product to see if it suits the “message” you want to send to theother person or the message that resonates with best with him or her.

For instance, “Miss Dior Cherie” is clearly addressed to young girls (as pre-teenagers and teenagers) who are very feminine. In the same way, male fragrances may be addressed at the classy, sporty, young, or elderly men, among other possibilities. You’ll notice what the target is by simply checking out the package, the name, or the advertisements.


Let’s have some fun with this! Leave a comment below with any additional suggestions you have for choosing a fragrance for a loved one. Or share a specific fragrance you’ve chosen for another and why.

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