After sharing my last video How to Interpret Synchronicity Experiences, a viewer asked me:

“How can you tell the difference between what’s just a coincidence and a synchronicity experience?

That is a great question!

I heard from several people that had never heard of synchronicity experiences before watching my video…

It makes sense that if you’d like to start noticing synchronicity experiences in your life, you want to be able to notice what makes a coincidence special and meaningful. You want to start paying attention πŸ˜‰

In this video, I explain the difference between a coincidence and a synchronicity and give an example of each.

When you start paying attention to synchronicity experiences, you gain valuable information about what is going on within your psyche. You may also notice a message or pattern in your synchronicity experiences over time.

This can help you get better clarity about what you want, what you’re conflicted about, and help you make otherwise difficult decisions more easily.

Leave a comment below if you have a synchronicity you would like to share (I love hearing these!).

Also, if you have any further questions about this topic, please leave those here as well!

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I hope you begin noticing your synchronicity experiences as enjoyable works of art– as I do mine! πŸ™‚