Emotional Empathy Quiz

Do you find yourself reacting easily to the moods of others around you? If so, you may be an emotional empath. Some highly sensitive people are also emotional empaths–they feel their own emotions and physical sensations more intensely than most, and also absorb those of the people around them. If you’re wondering if you could be an emotional empath, here is a quiz to find out. It was created by Dr. Judith Orloff, an Intuitive Psychiatrist who is also an emotional empath. This quiz is from her book “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life.”

Could You Be a Highly Sensitive Person? Take the Quiz!

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is someone who has a more sensitive nervous system than most. 15-20% of the population is considered Highly Sensitive and feels physical and emotional arousal more easily. Have you ever wondered if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, someone who truly does feel more than most?

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Making Magic in 2014: A Ritual

It’s that time of the year–everyone is doing their end-of-the-year reviews and planning visions for 2014! I’ve sifted through so many exercises and suggestions for starting the year off right, and I’m starting to get a feel for what works best for me. I’d love to share with you what resonates…

The Magic of Getting it Done

Steven, the Renegade Magician came to me because he wanted to start doing magic shows again—this time bigger than ever and with a stronger on line presence. He had been working on his new web site for months, and the screen shots he shared with me looked great. But he had a few key decisions to make and there was more he wanted to add… Meanwhile, he was leaving money on the table, because he didn’t have a place to send people to learn more about his unique and mesmerizing magic shows…

Synchronicity: Embracing Traditional Healing

Me about to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony in Mexico, summer of 2001 I meant to share this earlier when it happened in May, but better late than never, right? I’ve  just recently decided that I want to share little moments like this with you more often: synchronicities, lucid dream experiences, manifestations, dreams that come true, etc. These are important, because they are all part of the journey towards living a fully authentic life in your purpose. So this past May, I decided that I was finally ready to commit to six weeks of acupuncture.  I was serious, so I decided I wanted to work with Dr. Burgoon–he’s an acupuncturist who also has a background as a medical doctor.  I met him as an undergraduate at West Chester University, where I took a course with him on Traditional Chinese Medicine  in the summer of 2001.

My Top 8 Favorite Juicy Reasons to Meditate

So in my last blog post I talked about The Top 4 Most Common Excuses to Avoid Meditating. Now I’d like to share what really motivates me to meditate, when it seems like there are so many other important things I have to do instead. There are many benefits to meditating, but I want to share with you my personal favorites:

The Top 4 Most Common Excuses to Avoid Meditating (& How to Dissolve Them Now)

You probably already know some of the amazing benefits of meditation… But if you’d like to meditate regularly to reap those benefits, and you’re having trouble with your meditation practice, you might be using the same Top 4 Excuses I have used (and sometimes still use, until I dig into my tool box and remind myself otherwise).

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Surrendering to “Vacation Work” in Cape May

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My Expert on Purpose Interview: How to Use Intuition to Make Life-Changing Decisions in Business

I had the pleasure of being the Expert on Purpose for an interview with The Women of Facebook this past Tuesday. For one hour, I answered some juicy questions about how to use the power of intuition to make life-changing decisions with business and money.

My Upcoming *Expert on Purpose* Interview with The Women of Facebook

On Tuesday, July 23rd (10 AM EST), I will be the *Expert on Purpose* on The Women of Facebook, a Facebook group of supportive and awesome women entrepreneurs! I will be answering questions about using the power of intuition to make life-changing decisions and overcoming blocks with money and business.