What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word we’re hearing increasingly often, because of its value for managing a variety of physical and mental health problems. However, what does being mindful mean and how can mindfulness help us attain greater wellness? Understanding Mindfulness The principle of mindfulness comes from Buddhism and was designed to help followers understand themselves, train their minds for the better, and free themselves of unhelpful thoughts that hold them back. It is possible to do this by focusing on our thoughts, feelings, and environment in the present moment, without distraction to the past or future, and not judging the way we think or feel. There are four main aspects of mindfulness:

Manifesting With Mindfulness Video #3: How to Manifest When You Feel Like Giving Up

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Manifesting With Mindfulness Video # 2: Get Clarity

Download and complete our Clarity Worksheet to start implementing tools from this free video below:

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Manifesting With Mindfulness FREE Video Series, Video #1

Power of Manifesting With Mindfulness: We share the research…

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Survey Results: Manifesting With Mindfulness Q & A

                We received some really juicy questions to the survey we put out, asking you for your top questions on Manifesting and Mindfulness!  THANK YOU so much to everyone who contributed questions–we really appreciate it! If you’re curious to hear what other people asked, we got questions about:

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Quick Announcement and a Favor :)

Steven and I are really close to wrapping up our long-awaited Master Class on Manifesting & Mindfulness after months of planning and years of our own trial and error. We are so excited to share it with you! But first I need to ask you a little favor… We plan on releasing our Master Class this October (I know—so soon!). But before we do, I have to ask you a couple of questions. Can you help us out? You can answer the quick questions here and learn a little more about our Master Class at this link: Thank you so

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3 Tips for Highly Sensitive Women With Sensitive Stomachs

I’ve never shared publicly about my own struggle with having a sensitive stomach before, but more and more I’m noticing that many of my highly sensitive female friends and clients are dealing with the same experience. Since I’ve been researching this area extensively for years now, and constantly looking for ways to soothe my own sensitive stomach, it seems like a good time to share what I’ve been learning. Here are my Top 3 Tips…

Why Meditation is So Helpful for Highly Sensitive People

Highly sensitive people *especially* benefit from taking time the to meditate, because it offers a break from too much sensory stimulation, and the space to be at peace with what is left over.  It is one of the most powerful tools available (and free!) for creating a life of magic and miracles, while on the journey to fulfilling the soul’s purpose.

12 Empowering Benefits of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly sensitive people are a small percentage of the population, so it’s easy to be regarded as “different.” And being regarded as different can easily lead to feelings of self-doubt. For those of us who are highly sensitive, it’s tempting to undervalue our sensitivity by throwing ourselves into our work (or choosing the wrong work) only to burn out much sooner than if we paid attention to our internal guidance system. The best way to start honoring the Self and benefiting from it is by celebrating who we are as sensitives. That’s why I wanted to share this article—full of empowering benefits of being a highly sensitive person!

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? How to See it as a Gift

Why Sensitivity Matters Many people who are interested in the things I talk about here on my blog (finding your purpose, making money following your passion, following your intuition, living magically, etc) are highly sensitive people– like me. If you think you might be a highly sensitive person too, this article will help you discover and honor this trait–whether it’s in yourself or someone else. So why is this trait so important? Well sensitives are different—not just any job is right for us, and we are uniquely wired to serve the world in a way that is different from the rest of the population.